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About me

As a highly skilled and experienced Architectural Designer, I bring together my strong design background and technical expertise to deliver successful projects. My proficiency in computation design tools and BIM software, as well as my track record of producing high-quality documentation sets and straight-to-manufacturing workflows, are the result of my diligent and curious approach to work.

I recently moved to Toronto and am actively searching for my next opportunity. I have held positions in offices in New York, Toronto, and Philadelphia for a combined professional experience of over 6 years. I received my Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, where I was honoured with the AIA Henry Adams Medal for excellence in architecture for graduating top of my class.

I am committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of architecture and thus am constantly seeking to grow and evolve as an architect. I am eager to make contributions that make good design more equitable and efficient, and always welcome opportunities to learn.

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