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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

ARCH601: Design Studio III

Instructor: Brian Phillips

Location: Philadelphia, PA

BoomBox is a contemporary artist residence  that serves as a container in which artists from different backgrounds can share a creative space, fostering collaboration and inspiration through architecture. Privacy is in the foreground, presenting an ominous mass of unknown contents. It elevates the container, but not the contained. However, music emanates from the space, radiating and influencing adjacent spaces through various interactions.

The residence’s dynamism manifests itself in  a core that transitions through the building, shifting the program within it. Layers are formed as  private or quiet spaces shy away from this void. The transition between spaces creates opportunities for the interaction of various disciplines, programs, and experiences. BoomBox treats these transitional moments as the veil between the inside-outside, loud-quiet, public-private. These spaces possess a duality in which order can not be ascribed. They are neither one nor the other and thus can change in a moment as the user interprets its function.

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