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Unique and Perfect Creation

Ariel Cooke - June 18th, 2023

The pressure to create something completely unique tends to prevent me from writing. I’ll have an idea and soon find myself deep in source material. It’s probably why I don’t write much.

I feel like I must read the world before I can write a word.

The urge to be perfect stifles creativity. It impedes growth and exploration. Instead of making something perfect, nothing is made. When the first step in a creative process is to see how others have approached your idea, your own thinking becomes influenced.

Today, I’m simply writing this. ‘This’ being a meta reflection about simply writing. No Googling, just turning thoughts into words. Even now, I am itching to see if this has already been said. Probably. I'll check later.

Maybe I’ll have created something new, or find someone who did something entirely different with the same idea. Will I let it be? Will I build on it?

All this to say I wanted to write this, and now it’s written. It is not unique nor perfect, but a small reminder that my pursuit of uniqueness or perfection should not be a roadblock towards realizing my own ideas.

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