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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

ARCH602: Design Studio IV

Instructor: Kutan Ayata

Partner: Kurt Nelson

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Featured In: Pressing Matters VII

The sport of Rock-Climbing experiences large fluctuations in popularity, going from relevance to obscurity relatively quickly whenever someone ascends a particularly difficult rock-face.  This phenomenon has been present since the days of camp 4 in Yosemite, largely due to the inaccessible nature of its climbs. Sport & Spectacle questions how architecture can boost the notoriety of the sport, helping it assert a more permanent presence in the public eye. Coupling a unique design embodying the vertical nature of climbing with what will be a high-traffic public space, see-and-be-seen culture of Philadelphia’s Rail Park drives public visibility of the sport, incorporating levels of public program into the climbing gym.

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