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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

ARCH501: Design Studio I

Instructor: Andrew Saunders

Location: Garrison, NY

Featured In: Pressing Matters VI

Meridian curates the gallery along a meandering mass whose arcs and tangents guide visitors through space. These geometries are derived through careful analysis of Russel Wright’s American Modern collection, specifically the Covered Sugar Bowl. Meridian’s paths interact with the surrounding landscape, at moments pushing it away and at others taking it in. Its galleries are formed through a series of terraces that guide the user down the quarry, leading to the bay and creating a direct connection with the original home. The project serves as a criticism of the binary inside-outside relationship present in both Modern and classical architecture. Meridian not only blurs this relationship, but outspreads it, extending it throughout the entire project. Meridian is continuous and unbroken. It embodies the exterior, interior, and the lining. It is both the inside and the outside. 

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