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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

ARCH701: Design Studio V

Instructor: Georgina Huljich

Partner: Kurt Nelson

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Featured in: NextTopArchitects

Hidden in Plain Sight imagines an architecture unconstrained by limitations of style, creating forms that may have emerged from a natural evolution of the vernacular language of Mykonos through the use of contemporary construction techniques. The characteristic narrow and vibrant streets of Mykonos are embellished upon by embracing the not-so-perfect geometries found throughout the city that led to the creation of these engaging public spaces. Rather than limit new Mykonian architecture to false rounded corners that simulate the original layering of stucco on stone, the masses exaggerate these curves, breaking from the stylized aspects that mimic historical construction and allowing the volumes to flow into each other into a contemporary Mykonian vernacular. The project turns away from a modernist notion of standardization in living spaces, instead relying upon the prominent volumes found throughout Mykonos to investigate how they can be combined; re-thinking the shift in priorities of Mykonian building introduced by the multiple laws enacted to preserve its unique architectural character.

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