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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

Digiblast II

Instructor: Danielle Willems, Ezio Blazetti

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Summa Pavilion, along with its constituent parts, populates the MoMA PS1 courtyard, inviting users to occupy and program the space through direct interaction with its components, individually or as a whole. It is constructed with a gradual increase in the resolution of its building blocks, driven by the differences in curvature of its geometry.
The desired form grows out of aggregated rhombic dodecahedra which create a space-filling tessellation with translational copies of itself. Following the initial growth, components that collide with the desired geometry are broken down into smaller dodecahedra in order to increase resolution. Finally, the rhombic dodecahedra are replaced with a wireframe-like representation of the form, giving the structure a layered transparency.

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