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University of Pennsylvania: Master of Architecture

ARCH501: Design Studio I

Instructor: Andrew Saunders

Team: Jordan Hillier, Tae Hyung Lee, Yejin Kim

Location: Garrison, NY

Zoetic Roost pertains to the part-to-whole relationship between assembly and its component parts. The module is based on analysis of Russel Wright’s American Modern collection, using signature features of the objects such as their underlying geometry. It is born as an evolution, or an abomination, of the studied work. In today’s strange and ever-changing landscape, the piece is at home in any setting, taking new forms which create unique characters. The object is overmined through the overextension of meaning and function, yet at the same time undermined when seen in isolation. This withdrawn object changes with every different reading that is given to it. Much like how it is born from overmining and undermining Russel Wright’s work, the form itself can be deconstructed and assembled into new interpretations.

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